1. Raising Champions: A Parent’s Role in Their Child’s Success

We love winning. We love our kids. And so we really love when our kids succeed and win. At the very least, we want what is best for them. We want to protect them from harm, disappointment and failure. But so often what we do with the best of intentions -actually ends up hurting them in the long run.

As both a sport parent and sport psychologist, I’ll let you know what are the three biggest mistakes we make, and how we can correct them, starting with that lecture after a loss on that dreaded car ride home. I’ll hit on other challenges like playing time and what to do if your kid doesn’t make the team.

Parents will leave with specific guidelines on the best communication skills and behaviors that increase their child’s ownership, motivation, and success in sport – while saving you both the stress and aggravation of pushing – so that not only is your child’s performance enhanced, but so is your relationship.

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