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love of the game
How To Increase Your Athlete’s Love Of The Game
February 14, 2020

Does your child love their sport? Find out how to boost their love of the game!

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Raising A Gifted Child
Raising A Gifted Child: Problems For Parents Of Talented Kids
December 6, 2019

Open communication with your child during this time is key.

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Dealing With Expectations
Dealing With Expectations At The Start Of The Year
September 23, 2019

Kids are officially back to school and the start of sports seasons are in full swing, which means you’ll soon be dealing with expectations vs. realities based on these early results.

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FOX17 interview
Big Fish, Bigger Ponds: Preparing For The Upcoming School Year
August 13, 2019

With the first day of school right around the corner, you’re going to want to hear these tips about growth!

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When It Is OK for Parents to Be Prioritized in Youth Activities
June 5, 2019

Dr. Eddie O’Connor gives us one exception for when your child’s activities can be about you.

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Stop Stopping and Start Starting
May 8, 2019

Tips on how to bring a “starting” mentality into parenting, coaching and even personal improvement.

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Parents! College Recruiters Are Looking At You Too!
December 5, 2018

Parents, did you know that college recruiters are paying attention to you too?

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hard coaching
Where Should We Draw The Line Between Hard Coaching And Verbal Abuse?
October 11, 2018

Is it tough love or verbal abuse?

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Three Reasons To Stop Wishing Your Child Good Luck
October 11, 2018

Instead of saying good luck, try these phrases!

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training for child-athletes
What’s The Right Amount Of Training For Child-Athletes?
August 14, 2018

What’s the right amount of pushing and training for your child-athletes?

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